Adult chat121

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Adult chat121

Well i stupidly applied to work for text121 company as i really needed the money and thought it would be ideal with having children to work from home.

Scopri le community gratis o a pagamento preferite dagli utenti, le opinioni e recensioni, e vota anche tu.I don't take myself too seriously and neither should you.My room is for having fun and shaking off the stress of real life.Anyway you are given a target of 3000 texts per month, 2200 for the first month or they do not pay you - even if you do just 1 under.This company allows you to work for them, then just before the last day of earning, which is the last day of the month, they think of any reason to get rid of you so they dont have to pay you!

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Spank: 20Doodle you: 48Roast someone: 66Flashes: 88Special nickname in chat: 1215-minute mute: 321Lifetime Snap​chat: 424Sock hand: 444Potato dance: 555Silence someone: 666Kik (include username): 777Claw/glove/bopper: 848Buttplug: 888Hyphymud: 1222Instacum: 222124-hour cumban: 2222Ice bath: 10,000(I'll hate you forever) thehungnordic x ?!

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